ontem foi aniversário dos Beatles, 53 anos de história e influência na música mundial. Conheça mais sobre Paul, John, George e Ringo no set do pesquisador musical, Beatmaker e conhecedor da vida, Luís Alcântara, a.k.a, DJ SLEEP !!



1.Because – Evidence
2..A Hard Days Night – Katja Ebstein
3.A Day in the Life – Chocolate Snow
4.Get Back – Deirdre Wilson Tabac
5.I Want to Hold your Hand – Al green
6.Rain – Petula Clark
7.If I Needed Someone – Joe White
8.Yesterday – Joe White
9.Obladi Oblada *
10.Let it Be – The Soulettes & The Upsetters
11..Here Comes the Sun – Peter Tosh
12.The Long And Winding Road – African Roots (album verde)
13.Why Dont we do it in the Road – Lowell Fulson
14.Good Day Sunshyne – Roy Redmond
15.Stramberry Fields Forever
16.Sgt Pepper’s (Reprise)*
17.Reach out ( i`ll be there) – Lee Moses
18.The Ballad of John and Yoko *
19.Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)
20.”You Can’t Do That” *
21.You Can’t Do That
22.Drive My Car – Black Heat
23.The End – Gap Mangione
24.Day Tripper – Mongo Santamaria
25.While my Guitar Gently Weeps – Soulive
26.Lucy in The Sky With Diamond – Gabor Szabo
27.The Fool on The Hill – Frank Wess
28.Back in the U.S.S.R – Chubby Cheecker
29.Im Talking About you – Chuck Berry
30.Boys *
31.I Saw her Standing there*
32.Lend Me Your Comb *
33.I Saw Her Standing There – Little Richard
34.Please Please Me – Mary Wells
35.Sgt.Pepper Lonely Hearts – Bill Cosby
36.Eleanor Rigby – interlude
37.Eleanor Rigby – Dillanor Rigby(Blu ,Porn,Jonh Legend,The Roots)
38.Eleanor Rigby – Lonely Talib kweli
39.Eleanor Rigby
40.Girl *
41.Girl -DJ Swift -Sick Jacken (the mask and the girl mashup)
42.Girl – Ronnie Von- Meu bem
43.Come Together – Wilson das Neves
44.Come Together *
45.Come Together – Soulive
46.Come Together – Chairmen of the Board
47.Come Together – Supremes
48.Can`t buy me love – Dj jazzy jeff & Biz Markie
49And i love her – wu tang Clan mushup Cream
50.And i love her – The Vibrations
51.Imagine – Blend Crafters
52.Saxy Sadie – Ramsey Lewis
53.Saxy Sadie – wu tang clan mashup bizzare
54.Your Mother Should Know – Dj Sleep Remix
55.Four Hills – Dj Day
56.A Hard Days Night – JDilla -Sleeping like a dog
57.Black Bird – Eros (beatlesreggroved)
58.Black Byrd – Billy Preston
59.Get Back – Deirdre Wilson Tabac
60.I want You Back in my life +Jkson 5 – Faroff
61.In My Life – Doc Brown My Life – Dj Sleep
63.Lady Madonna – Z Funkter
64Lady Madonna *
65.We Can Work it out – James Brown mashup
66.We Can Work it out – Stevie Wonder
67.We Can Work it out – Maxine Brown
68.Dear Prudence
69.Dear Prudence – The Five Stairsteps
70.Upside Down – The Afrobeatles- Fela metts the beatles
71.The Word – Captain remix – guetto funk Allstars
72.Devil in Her Heart
73.A Taste of Honey *
74.A Taste of Honey – Sweeter Than Mine- APOLLO Brown
75.Theres a Place *
76.Theres a Place – No Sad Tomorrow – Apathy
77.You Never Give Me your Money – Carry that Weigth – Dobby Dobson
78.She Loves you – Dj Sleep remix
79.Help – instrumental
80.Help *
81.Hey Jude – Ella Fitzgerald
82.Hey Jude* – Evidence
83.Taxman – Junior Parker
84.Taxman *
85.Taxman – Don Randi Trio
86.Tomorrow never knows *
88.Helter Skelter
89.Helter Skelter – 99 Problems -Jay-z mashup
90.I Feel Fine *
91I Feel Fine – Tillisp Vs Beatles
92.Julia *
94.Michelle *
95.Free as a Bird*
96.Dont` Let Me Down – Donald Heigth
97.Dont` Let Me Down – Gramatik
98.I Want You ( she so heavy) – Soulive
99.I Want You ( she so heavy) *
100.I Want You ( she so heavy) – Sarah Vaughan
101.All You Need is Love *
102.Get Back *
103.Words of Love *
104.Ask me Why *
105.From me to you*
106.Twist and shout


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